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About Us

Ultimus Holdings is a Pan-African investment company with the sole purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of African economies. Our investing deployment is broad-based and long-term. We specifically invest is sectors that demonstrates growth; leveraging our sector expertise in ensuring we become market leaders in all operational portfolios.

We strategically take steps towards our goal of being major players in every sector.

Our current investment portfolios cuts across construction, property development, facility management, hospitality, manufacturing and entertainment. Our philosophy is to take active roles in every company we invest in with a mind-set of providing leadership that fosters value and growth.

Our people remain our greatest strength which leaves us with no option but to consistently remain a people-centric organisation, fostering inclusiveness and encouraging initiative at all levels.

Ultimus Strategy Box


At the core of our diversification strategy is to consistently implement a forward or backward integration strategy in all our operational businesses.

New Businesses:

Consistently seek opportunities for new ventures in strategic sectors that demonstrates ROI and acquires businesses that visibly delivers solid value propositions.


Implement modern concepts of people management focusing on recruiting the right minds, empowering them with the right training and building the right work-place environment and incentives for retention

Market Leadership:

Consistently seek opportunities for new ventures in strategic sectors that demonstrates ROI and acquires businesses that visibly delivers solid value propositions.

Operational Efficiency:

Deploy consistent improvement in efficient and effective internal processes that proactively manages operational cost

The Ultimus Value

“Our Vision is to be the leading contributor to the sustainable development of African Economies.”


The Classroom

Ambiance fitting is the end in itself for bringing any space to life. If not curated properly, it can mar the entire interior or exterior design outlook.

The Classroom by Ultimus provides you an eclectic mix of fittings solutions in partnership with strong global brands (companies).



Viarmor by ULTIMUS, offers a wide range of medical technologies which are safe and effective for use. Our strategic partnership with renowned global brands gives us an innovative edge in our quest to building effective medical models fit for today’s world.


Parla Di Lusso

Parla Di Lusso, a mini estate located in Banana Island is a breathtaking lagoon style waterfront property. Situated on the banks of the Lagoon, this magnificent spread of real estate is set on about an acre of manicured grounds. Banana Island is an area of Ikoyi, Lagos known for its multi-cultural aura. With one of the highest density of billionaires within its boundaries, it is home to the creme de la creme and 1% of the 1% which makes the magnificence of Parla Di Lusso all the more alluring.


Ultimus Construction

Ultiimus Development Group is a broad-based real estate and allied solutions firm with current full-scale operations in Construction, Property Development, Facility Management and Interior Architecture and Design. Whilst we aim to operate in every strategic area within the sector, we ensure that every of our existing operational companies grow to be market leaders in their respective sectors.