No “UH” without “U” , You are the missing piece we need in our journey to make lives better. , Let’s make lives better together.

The UH Value

We’re proud of the culture we’ve created, and we’re continually investing in new ways to develop all of our people to enable them to grow and succeed throughout their careers.

People are our greatest assets – Investing and maintaining a diverse and innovative workplace where everyone can thrive is not only the smart thing to do – it’s the right thing to do.


What do we mean:

Stay true to our work with the highest regard. Aside from being reliable, competent and respectful. You will find out that our team exudes premium professionalism on and off the job.

Tips on how we apply this value:

“When I understand what the deliverables are, I get the job done adequately.” vs “I have no clue about the task and I feel shy asking my colleagues for help”

“Helping my team succeed is part of the job; just like celebrating the landmarks we achieve per time.” vs “My goals and aspirations are solely my responsibility; I will strive to give it my best shot alone”

When prioritizing my day, I focus on tasks that align with my team’s goals.” Vs “I spin up new projects frequently and get frustrated when no one dedicates time to helping me.”


What we mean:

To empower and inspire entrepreneur leaders. Here at Ultimus, we believe irrespective of your role, you are a leader and your input matters a lot in helping others succeed and the growth of the organisation.

Tips on how we apply this value:

“I think beyond the box, and take initiatives to get work done even before they are assigned to me” vs  “  am confined within the box, I want to be micro – managed and forced to get my job done.

“I am optimistic and open to learn about the new products and offerings we just launched.” vs “I will do my job and watch out for my line manager’s green light on learning & development opportunities.

“I like to focus on my thoughts and actions; this ultimately drives the decisions I make in the team.” vs “How my teammates view me from their lens-eye is totally their responsibility, my self-awareness is largely none of their concerns”

“Communication to me is the bedrock of my interaction with my teammates, and I enjoy every bit of it as helps me get the job done effectively.” vs “I like to keep some space for myself when it comes to communication, I measure what is said with what is not said. My emotions and opinions are more important to me”

“I have a strong believe in involving my team in the deliverables for the team so I can focus on more strategic work.” vs “Even though I have a lot to deal with at this time, I’d rather tick all the boxes myself than delegate the other task to my team.


What we mean:

Remain open and informative about everything we do. We have a system that makes it easy for others to see what actions are performed. Our transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.

Tips on how we apply this value:

“I share my work with my peers early and often so we can course correct quickly.” vs “I share my masterpiece at the end in a big grand reveal.”

“I keep my team mates in tune with relevant information as it can be appropriately shared with context so there’s rarely surprises.” Vs “I hold back information until the very point it needs to be shared, even if it is a surprise to my teammates, that’s OK.”

“When delicate details come my way, I think twice and consult a manager before sharing publicly.” vs “I share far and wide just for transparency’s sake”

I distil reporting to what’s appropriate to my audience, linking out to details that are already understood.” Vs “I share everything out of concern my audience might question my decision-making or output.”


What we mean:

Create, develop, enhance and maintain a culture of growth. Our workplace has a culture that focuses on employees and their behaviours first, as well as internal and external customer service interactions, before focusing on profits. Essentially, it emphasises the “human” element of human resources, leadership, and business interactions and communications.

Tips on how we apply this value:

“It is important that my team knows the why in my work.” vs “The policies and SOPs are well detailed and easy to read for anyone to grasp”

“The way I feel and perceive other people’s actions is important in my relationship with my teammates.” vs “My thoughts are mine and I can guarantee that my instinct on a matter is always 99% true”

“I’d still ask the right question even after seeing the data presented before taking a decision.” vs “The data communicate the whole story; I don’t have plenty of time to ask questions”

“It essential for me to hire the right mind and prioritise their career development plan.” vs “Hiring is not big of a deal of deal with me, the important thing is getting someone to fill the space in time.”


What we mean:

As much as we take the work very serious, we also make out time to have fun, and enjoy ourselves. We bond, we connect, and learn from others at work, doing these ultimately gives us fulfilment in the work we do.

Tips on how we apply this value:

“Having a positive and great vibe are great ingredients for the kind of work space I thrive in.” vs “I like my own kind of vibe; unless it is work related, It does not move me.”

“I am an adventurous human being; I participate in activities that create that feeling.” vs “I am very careful not to let people know about the things that tickle me”

“Hangouts with my colleague is very okay; it gives me the opportunity to connect beyond work and know my teammates better.” vs “The time spent in the office is sufficient enough to network with my colleagues and bond”

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